New Days Grace

“If any man be in Christ
In Him, he has become a new creation
Old things have passed away
Everything has become new in Him.”
Second Corinthians 5-17

Man I love that scripture. But truth be told
There are times when we all all trip and fall and say or do something
We shouldn’t have, without thinking. That’s the time to bring it to The Lord in prayer.
And That’s why I always love new mornings!
Every new morning brings Gods new grace and the hope of healing. He shines on us when we continually seek His face. God loves you so much that as soon as you confess that indiscretion, He removes it as far as the east is from the west. You see
All He wants is our pure contrite heart. He knows that we cannot be perfect without
coming to the cross moment by moment and day by day seeking Him and his ways. New Morning, new hope new grace new day. You are so loved k

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