I’m Gonna Stay In Love

Lining rooftops high and low
Like dominoes falling icicles
Past my own sight dim and low
Peddling lightning on bicycle

And I’m gonna stay… In love
Mercy, mercy me
I’m gonna stay… in love
His beacon over me

I don’t want to cry … no more
Faith revived and energized
I’ve died a million times to fear
Tired of being … Paralyzed


Baseball cards in rhythm song
Wound up tight elastic drum
Inside spokes, the harp plays on
Easing, soothing, childlike hum


Safe in sight, in God’s mind eye
Beyond my routes capacity
Angels on my shoulders high
With Jesus setting my soul free

And I’m gonna stay … In love
Mercy me mercy me
I’m gonna stay in love
His beacon over me

Kelly Sampson Griswold

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