Massabesic On My Mind

I love to watch the pine tree needles
Lightly grace a blanket to the ground;
By the still tall pines.
Touch them gently grab some in my hand
While looking past the trail of little fawns;
I feel my smallness standing on the land.

I’ve got Masebesic on my mind,
Like a long lost friend I’ve left behind,
I’ll walk the woods seek treasures I can find…
And I’ll just unwind

Somehow cries the feeling that I’m sipping coffee with you all the while.
If just suddenly.
The feeling’s blue and rising in my heart of hearts truth.
Tears begin to flow.


I walk a little further down this path
And step upon this rock by waters’ edge,
Eat an orange wedge.
Toss some change in the crystal water as I move my gaze to the distant shore,
Of lily fish and greens.
Then she appears.


Majestic Loon you speak;
you‘re heads above; the bramble bush you clean and, glean alone.
Then you disappear.
Walk up to a log and lay me down
and let the rough bark scratch this itch of time;
I’m a wish’in I could stay here…For a longer while…


Words and Music by Kelly Griswold, April 2010

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