His Providence

Have I not commanded you
Do not be discouraged, Do not be afraid
And do not be dismayed
For I The Lord God am with you wherever you go
Joshua 1:9

Mornin friend
Oh how the mercies of God be renewed
Each morning His provision is graced
And His thoughts of us …
They outnumber number the the sands of the seashore
His wonderful Name be praised
He works for our good, each newborn day
His providence continuously building our faith
Teaching us only to trust and obey
Bringing new courage and change to our ways
Through His Holy Spirit
And in His tender care
Humbly we live just to spread what the The Good News says
Of His love that is so perfect and lovely and true
Of such we could never e’r repay
Wishing in a sweet Prayer
This love just for you k

Have a great and God blessed day friend

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