He Knows You

Have you seen the commercial for verizon? I love it!. The Sales girl knows everything that the boy is thinking. Well in real life This is true with our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ.
We read in John about Jesus in Samaria. He is tired and thirsty and He meanders over and sits by the well. In the middle of a very hot day there is a woman at the well. In The Custom in the day; the women would frequent the well in the cool part of the day and not in the hot part of the day. But she was there unbeknownst.
But Jesus knew. Jesus knew everything about her; without her even knowing.
Jesus knows everything about us. He knows about all of our flaws, our idiosyncrasies. And He knows about all of your fears and is here to help you and to to heal you. He wants to give you all of the things that you could ever want or need.
The woman at the well was amazed that He could help her even in the midst of her problems.
He loved her unconditionally.
He is our source of all that we need.
Why do we struggle? Let Jesus be your Lord of all. Lean on Him and He will be your every Victory.

Have a great and victorious day. You are so loved k

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