God’s Word

“Thy word is a lamp unto to feet
And a light unto my path”
Psalm 119 – 105

Mornin friend
In doing a little vacuuming this morning,
I noticed a light directly in front the Vacuum.
Sure makes it easier to see what’s ahead; all that needs to be vacuumed, and what does not need to be vacuumed.
Gods word is exactly like that ; a beaming light projecting onto where we are standing, and to where we are going. The word actually transforms us by the renewing of our minds and leads us into the way everlasting.
We read His word and hide it in our heart.

Gods word shows us the path that Jesus has set for our life. Without Gods word, we are left to our own control; and we wander …
With the New Year coming, God has such a great purpose for all of Our lives He will guide and protect and direct us as we draw close to Him in every area of our lives.
Bells are ringing in the New Year, closer and closer to the heart of Christ, directed by the light of His word! Headlights on and go!
Love k

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