God puts us through trials and tribulations so that each day we will trust Him more

Exodus 15

The Israelites had just crossed the Red Sea where God had delivered them from the Egyptians. God had drown the Egyptian army into the sea. The Israelites sang a triumphant song glorifying God for what He had done. In verse 22, the Israelites moved into the desert for three days, only to find bitter water in the river. The people complained to Moses “What do we have to drink” they said. Moses then cried out to God for the people. God instructed Moses to take a tree branch and stir it into the water. He did as God told him to do, and the water turned sweet again. This is why it is expediant to do what God tells us to do or what we know He wants us to do. God wants us to trust Him; that even in thirst, He will satisfy our needs. In verses 25-27 God gives an important instruction that we should heed. God wants us all to listen to Him and to do what is right in Gods eyes (God sees what we are doing). God wants us to take His commands into our hearts and to follow them. We have a promise from God that He will not let the plagues of Egypt or ant destructon come on us if we obey/trust Him. We can tread upon serpents, scorpions and over all the wiles of our enemies; and nothing, nothing shall by any means hurt you.
Now even in the affluent society of today, we still have to trust God in everything no matter what the our situations are. Give the whole circumstance to Him and He will bring us to the Promised Land.
Be Triumphant in the Power of His Holy Name!

From the heart of Larry Griswold

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