Even Though It’s Cold Out There

Even though it’s cold outside
All going, take The walk
Walk right through the open wind
And let it hit the talk

Your tear filled eyes, He dries them all
Your trust in Him alone
You Walk in Him atoned to truth
The Rock, the Cornerśtone

In His strength you carry on
Take up your bed and go
You weary ones who have been stoned
Count it joy and gold

And from the west they’ll fear The Lord
In the east His glory
He’ll come like pent up water streams
His winds shall drift them surely

By the power of Jesus Name
You’re safe forevermore
His Name is Father God our friend
The Christ, The open door

All going, take His rod and staff
You humble and you meek
He intervenes on your behalf
Your strength when you are weak

You need not more than Jesus balm
Look back not to the fray
Strengthened by His hand my friend
You’re free to go today

Kelly Sampson Griswold

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