Empathy Tea

When two collide
In a twining interleave
In my book they should sit down
Over tea and unwind
All perceived emotions
Setting iron to iron
Both will be Happy
If they just spend the time
Not to shut out offender
Or offendee in silence
Empathy Cries
I will talk with you and humbly discern
I will forgive and ask for forgiveness
I will serve with love
Empathy Rise
Like leaven instilled into the mixture
As in the baking of bread
If we see it fall
We’ll knead the dough, once again
We’ll flute the ends together
Until completely sealed
Serenity mends
In time my friend
When deep calls unto deep
We will call upon Thee
Together enthralled
In healing beauty
We’ll put on the boil
Into porcelain vessels
Empathy, Go Forth
The Teacups
Three people strong
Three stitches more
Three white beds
To sleep in the Hall

Psalms 25:9
Kelly Sampson Griswold

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