Changing Times

“He made the earth with His power; He founded the world by His wisdom and stretched out the heavens by His understanding.” Jeremiah 51:15

What a beautiful day it is to take a long walk in the countryside.
The sky is so blue, the trees are turning a myriad of yellows and reds and browns; painting the ground with color.
Thank you Lord for showing us a glimpse of the wonder of your creation today and we look forward to the day that we see You in Your fullness.
I let the wind blow in my face today … I felt the expanse of Gods firmament. It’s forever in that blue sky. In it’s brightness, I’ve seen through tired eyes, the ease of tender drops of dew.
Endorphins of love breaking through.
At the edge of the Cabin side creek; I see the flow of the water wrangling over rocks and cutting it’s way deeper each year. The water carries on and on, sprung by hope and furthers itself getting bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger.
This great earth, spinning, moving in it’s circle encompassing the forces that keep the whole universe together. Our Lord is keeping all this together.
Just Amazing! I Cannot even comprehend it. God is so good and loving to let me enjoy it; and I feel He is wanting me to enjoy this life a bit more. To rest a bit more lately; in that I have been overwhelmed at times with many changes in life lately. To watch and listen to the simple babbling of a brook stream flowing down the line, is very much cathartic for me. I hope you make time to enjoy too.
Have a beautiful day dear one, in the shelter of His arms; your Creator and Lover of your soul k

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