Cathedral of Love

In a temple of tears
He was on trial for truth
To end eye for an eye
And a tooth for a tooth

He would lay on a cross
So that we could have peace
He would bear all the suffering
For our Sin to release
So that we would not perish
In a grave of lies
He saw us through it all
He heard all of our cries

It was finished in that moment
When He absorbed the shove
Turned the sifting mill
Into a Cathedral of love…

When the mixture of our broken lives
Hits the rugged mine
And we’re too tired to fight
He gently reminds…

Come closer…look above
Come into my arms
Come into the safety of
The Cathedral of love

Finally and surely
We come to realize
That in our heaviness
We look to Him, the prize

Through the tossing and the turning
The rubble has been loosed
The brilliance of the sheen
Still hangs in the sluice

Ne’er the weary for the journey
When we could not bear
He was grinding long and hard
He was with us there

He said let us go
Let us rock and let us roll
He carried us on
Gloryland toll

In silence and in Majesty
Settling down the precious stays
Not a word would a heaped up heart
Long to say…
Cept Love so strong
Can filter all
and bring us to perfection
Of the new day

Tis Jesus who took us
To tranquility
Tis Jesus who carried us
On Calvary

In His longsuffering process
He sent His Spirit from above
Where He brought us forth as gold
In the Cathedral of Love

To God be the Glory
and Honor to Thee
Who carried us over
To jubilee

Words and Music By Kelly Sampson Griswold

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