Au Contraire

Although you were gone
From sight my dear
I seemed to see you everywhere
In the very corners of my mind…
In the hushings and the crushings
The rustling of the evening leaves
Low and crackled sigh…
I was sure
I heard a voice that creaked
I’m still here
Like an old
rocking chair

“Au Contraire”

Lent to me
For a deeper wisdom
Ecliptic pain
Twas like a yawning abyss
For a time
Donning down
A deep lament
Of a tree bent
On the ides of May

“Au contraire”

Fair thee well
Shall it never be
Met with screams
In the night
Echoing in the Hollows
Of a dream…
Never spent
Of apple pies and Sunday flair
Butterflies that fill the air

“Au contraire”

Tis God who bends
And breaks the darkness
And brings the fresh new dawn again
Yet whilst we wait
Will calm our soul
Be our holy guide
Lift us up
and be our salve
Heads held high
With hat and glove
To look beyond
And again find love
With embodied faith
Cause hope
To try

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