Faith Unbroken

Peter and The discples were sailing out to sea in their fishing boat. The waves were tossing to and fro. Peter saw Jesus walking on the water toward them. Peter asked Jesus “If it is you, bid me come out to thee on the water.” Jesus said “Come.” As Peter walked upon the water towards Jesus his faith in Jesus was his success. His confidence was where it belonged. And there he was walking on water! He was relying on Christ and trusting him fully. But As soon as he forgot to keep his eyes on Jesus… He began to be afraid, to falter and he started to sink… But what is so precious, is that when he called out to Jesus for help, immediately, Jesus held out his hand and lifted Peter back up; and they got into the boat again together. Now that is the confidence that Jesus wants for you! He loves you so much that if ever you are sinking and thinking about the troubles that are seemingly unsurmountable around you; He is your everlasting lighthouse; and He is the Strength that you can have faith in. He is the light to guide you through anything, all the way though to the end. And you will make it! You see Peter knew his thoughts had to return one hundred percent, in trusting Jesus as his strength. He had to turn his eyes back to Jesus and keep them there in faith unbroken. I think we’ve all been in this position at times. I know I have. Peter humbled himself in the sight of the Lord, in order that Jesus could lift him up. And Jesus never failed him. Wouldn’t it be great to let it all go… breathe that sigh of relief. Go ahead and call out his name. “Jesus I need you tonight… Feel the loving warmth and the strength of your Saviors hand.

Kelly Sampson Griswold, July 1, 2012

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