I’m wringing out the sageness
Of an old aged tree
This bird has sprung from her prison, cage less
Away from her inner reverie

And now at last a new day
Has begun the trip in me
Grace is for the humble
Dissonance release

Between You and I
And this old notched lamppost beam
I am diving, I am diving
Diving into peace

I’ve built my new nest upon the crest
With the wisdom of my God
Discerning what is exigent
The aglets simple knot
I’ve learned to feel the brush at rest
Each morn His tender grace
All is quiet, all is still
With the curious fixed end lace


I’m Happy in His Spirit
Content with what I have
For such things that are Eternal
Exigencies, exigencies, exigencies
In His Hands cease

Words and music by Kelly Sampson Griswold @ 2011

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