Thank God for the sunshine!

“The sacrifices of God are of a broken spirit
A broken and contrite heart
These oh God You will not reject
Psalm 51:17

No matter what you have done
God will blot it out.
He will wash away all your sin
Upon admission
I’d rather be like David
Who had great sin
But realized who he hurt and how he hurt them
And then asked God to cleanse him.
He had a broken and contrite spirit
A man after Gods own heart
He did the hard part
He got on his knees and prayed
He accepted the consequences
But he gained back the joy of his salvation

Tis not easy
To Ask for forgiveness; feels like the hardest thing to do
But afterwards, you are translucent, clean and free
Like a diamond cut with million brilliant facets
Even more beautiful
Shining for all to see

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