Wishing you a great new week, chockfull the Lords blessings
Like a new bouquet in your life.
I’ m very thankful to God that I am being transformed by the renewing
Of my mind each morning and by His Grace. What a Joy to be moving closer and closer to Him in every way. Oh what a freedom it is to do just that.
And it feels so good to be loved unconditionally, by our great and mighty Maker of All. To trust God for physical needs as well, as we age on. We put it all in your hands Lord. We commit ourselves to You on our journey so that we may glorify You. Our whole heart connected to You.
And when stress comes, help us to always let it all go to the one who is in Control anyway!
A broken and contrite spirit He will in no wise cast out. Let us keep our hearts humble and sensitive; with love unto others as well as ourselves. Looking to You in all we do. You secure the safe journey. Thank You Lord for Your Love and forgiveness as we move in your grace, closer and closer to You until the coming day k

3 John 2
Beloved I wish above all things, that thou may prosper
And be in health, even as thy soul prospereth

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