The Beautiful Kite

“Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly”
Wisdom my father gave to me, one starlit night
It reminded me of a story about a string and a kite
Just as I’d gotten the boxcrate to light

The wind took to flight, breaking it’s bite
Flying just past my reach, in it’s pretty ole sky
Hoping it wouldn’t snag; in the web of a tree
I let it go and watched it float by

Yet, He who has control, of the wind and the tail
Would protect the kite, until in veil
On that soft winters night
God said, “peace be still”
Don’t hold on so tight
Trust in My will”

I remembered what He said in a moment that night
All is calm, …
All is safe
And all is good, and quite right-

Kelly S Griswold

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