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Be still and know that I am God.
Let go my child, you need not fear
Let me touch your inmost hurt
Be still because of what you know
You belong, for you are mine
Stand right still, when tempests fly
and try to shake you deep inside
Let me see those crushing tears
I will heal you, turn the tide
My love in you, calms angry seas
Reigns in the stillness, of the sky

Ksg. February ’14

Know that He is God

May we always grow in grace and in the knowledge of our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May we be still and know that He is God; As we rest on His holy word we learn to live and learn, feed and grow to be like our Loving Lord. By The precious power of You Holy Spirit help us practice what we know

May 16th 2013 by Kelly Sampson Griswold