Plum trees are a budding
Mint is creeping low
Willows are a weeping
Springing up a springtime show

Surely they are inching
Well hello now, don’t you say
But for all the fragrant dewfall
A dusting on the feeding tray

And the birds, they are a chirping
With alluring songs of old
For all of springtime stalling
Pollen’s misting to the snow

Nascent white, the popcorn
Treats for God’s eye, I suppose
A precious sight for passers by
Mind you, … lookout, my nose

And Springtime’s worth the wait
When I’m needing sweet relief
A cold spell dampens down the well
With one soft handkerchief

Kelly Sampson Griswold

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  • hotbond:

    I love this poem, spring is my favorite having all the flowers starting. Love the picture of the pollen causing issues.

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