Snapshots of Love

“A cheerful look brings joy to the heart, and a smile brings health to the Bones!” Proverbs 15:30
As you’re passin through, don’t forget to give the world one of those great smiles of yours.
Never met a smile I didn’t like!
Was up in Concord today doing a little work in the Music.
Inspiration every where I go. I love people. Coffee shop talk.
From the Elderly lady who had a fearful look on her face …
That is until her caretaker came back to her table,;
To the Businessmen and women with their quick quips
“Give me a large high test, Everything’s a Rollin along …”
Singing a little of everything this Mornin to my comrades.
The Men wanted Eddie Arnold. So welcome to my World!
Hope your new week is chock full of blessings friends
Your smiles are dividends for the many light filled
miles on these local country Roads.
Snapshots of love K

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