Skates from an Angel

The MDC skating rink was open and I wanted so badly to go skating; but I had no skates. I’d have skated on anything just to squish between my sisters Deborah, and Penny, and Joy, just to be part of the crowd.
“Please, please! “let me go!” I prayed.
Later on, that evening, I opened up my bedroom window; and I started singing a tune. I crooned of silver skates; right up to the moon; and I blew a kiss to all the beautiful people that would be going to the skating rink. My childish voice carried a long way up the frosty air, sat upon on a cloud; softly resting on the smiling face of the moon.
The next morning, A messenger from heaven came to the door. She was holding a bag, filled with mismatched skates. The nice Lady said “Would these fit Kelly?” “She want’s so much to go skating.”
“Why Thank you” My Mother quipped, I remember Ma, as she turned to me said “strap em on Kelly.” “We’ll make em fit!” Then, we were gliding; and I was going!
Once there, I Shot out on the ice like a firecracker; or so in my dreams!
My own pi voice echoed trills from the bottom up … But I was flying and feeling at one with the world; alternating with hanging on for dear life! I was doing everything I could think of to balance myself, and to keep from falling! A couple of feet gained … then flat on my back … Repeat. I rang a silent bell to myself …
May it always ring in my mind that I was allowed to go!

Whenever I am tempted to give up … I say thank you Lord; for I had a chance to go! I get back up … and go.
I’ll always remember a kind baritone voice of a really tall angel with big black gloves on, scooping me up, lifting me off the ice rounding off the icy bend. I felt like a tetherball. I remember the flying, much more than the dangling skates, and the falls. He picked me up and he set me down over and over on those skates again.
He cared…
I was thankful, for God, making a way, when there seemed to be no way; for people, skates to wear, and the opportunity to dance that flying jig. k

Kelly S Griswold

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