Memories of Mom’s Morning Glories

“If any man be in Christ, Behold, in Him , He has become a new creation. Old things have passed away, everything has become new.” Second Corinthians 5-17

I remember as a child, my Mother, soaking Morning Glory Seeds in little bowls of warm water on the kitchen table. Funny thing about those Morning Glory seeds. They were one of the hardest shelled seeds to germinate…Hmm..but if you put them into a bowl of tepid water… they soon break open and sprout anew after many days.
We ourselves also have a house that has a hard shell on the outside. It holds our heart and mind and all that we are inside. That hard shell layer encompasses the essence of our very being. It holds our inner thoughts; our feelings and pains; who we are and who we are growing into and choosing to be. Wherewithal, enter, the stresses and the heartaches in life that come our way, locked inside our little hearts. We are not meant to feel this broken. Introspectively, our life experiences and our thoughts about them; they echo from within. The pain and the pressure builds and cries Abba Father “I need You”
Eventually, as our protection layers thicken; how we feel about our experiences in our hearts and lives, affects us and others. No matter how successful we become; we still search for why we are not satisfied. We remain in a state of stagnant unrest. We will never totally be satisfied with the temporary happiness we gain on our own. It is always fleeting at best. We yearn for the One who made us. We need His love.
There comes a time when we realize that we “cannot” do it alone. We know we have fallen short and we all have missed the mark. We are broken and hurt. God knows and He loves us anyway; more than we can ever dream.

The lover of our soul and helper wants to meet us. We long to know Him and to hear Him say “I love you. I died on the cross for every sin you’ve ever committed. You are white as the driven snow now. Let Me rebuild you with an everlasting true love and nurture you know not of.”
We need God to rebuild us; breakdown that hard shell of ours that we have built by ourselves. At this point God is just waiting patiently for us to reach out to Him. He is always ready to rebuild us just for the asking. That hard seed shell of our house soaks in the water…breaks down …dies to itself, and behold by the power and grace of Almighty God, sprouts a new life. Your new life Rooted in Gods soil; stronger and than before. With it’s face attuned to the Sons rays as it needs to be, to grow rightly, in it’s new Life.
So if you feel broken…be glad, because it is then that God is closest to your heart. And when you cry, be glad…because the seed of you is soaking and breaking open. It is then and there that God is is right there beside you, with His tender loving care for you. You in His new life, new peace, and new everlasting covenant with you is breaking through the soil in your newness of life! Yes, it passes all the old understanding. You see everything differently. You’ve let the old things pass away! Everything is new.
And God doesn’t see the the old things; just your new place in Him. This is a place where your attention is only on Him where He wants it! A place where He is doing His greatest works in You. The broken seed. Come forth, God’s loved one; with a new heart and vessel to shine. His new morning glory! Jesus shine on in us.

Kelly Sampson Griswold

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