Measure Three Times Gets it Right

Remembering way back when I was a little girl. One clear cold weekend mornin, I followed the sound of loud, banging noise, up the stairs, and into the big open room of the house. What an expanse; the big room upstairs.There he was. My father, bent down hammering with his Stanley hammer. Smoothly and firmly he hit the nail on the head and into the wood it sank like butter. He let me try it; and so with two hands I lifted the hammer up and hit the target. It took me three times to hit it! My father was making beds for us children with long beautiful pieces of white pine that My mother had picked out from the lumber yard. They smelled good to me. I remember my father telling me that he measured three times before ever cutting a board. He said that for something to come out perfectly, you have to check the measurements three times just in case! He never had to buy more wood because he took the time to measure thrice, every time. That got me to thinkin. Why not put that wisdom into action every time we speak to someone. Let us think thrice, before we speak once; thus making sure we that run things through the perfect guages. would Jesus speak like that?
That way we are sure to hit the nail on the head
Oct 13,2013

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