He is Enough

“How precious is your steadfast love, oh God
The children of mankind take refuge in your wings
Psalm 36:7

Going about in your day today, A Prayer of love is being sent your way.
A prayer that you will know and feel how much you are loved even in the smallest of details.
Right when I got out of my car a flock of birds were flying over my head in the front yard.
They were flying in the pear tree, happily chirping and eating the dried pears,
that were left on the tree in winter. There wasn’t much left, but they were happy. It was enough.
And I just knew that God was talking in the little things.
Let us glean from the Lord and count everything all joy, even when what we would like Is not under our control.
His majesty is constant and all knowing. Everything is in His control, in each and every moment of the day.
His creation is a testament to that.
You are precious to Him in every little way. In everything that happens along your way.
He may not give you what you want all the time but He provides everything that you need. That is sure.
He loves and cares for you, and He is with you all throughout the day.

You are worth many sparrows
Have a great day k

Kelly S Griswold

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