I Know A Man

I know a man, that I could not be more proud of. He was walking down the street, in downtown Boston; and to his surprise, came upon a man, lying in the street, being kicked and punched over and over in the head. This man I know, intervened, hollered at, and scared the perpetrator away! The poor man was lying on the ground. He had no legs and his wheel chair was at quite a distance from him. The victims money (What was left of it) was strewn upon the ground around him. The Good Samaritan, Incredible Hulk, lifted him and put him back into his wheel chair; and he gathered his money and gave it to him. I am saddened to hear that many pedestrians just walked on by. Thank God for heroes in my book, good samaritans. This man I know, that I am so proud of is my son Aaron. xoxo

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