His Water is Good

Listening to rain and thinking of the water
Have a beautiful day friend drenched in His love k

In the wells of our hearts, debris can form in the deep pockets and clog the well up turning the water a muddy color. Why not ask Jesus to come and clean out your well completely. Imagine in an instant you have just asked God to touch the water of your heart. You are so precious to Him that He layed right down deep into the mire and covered you filtering the water so that you could live and breathe and swim in spotless waters of love. Oh yes my friend just by uttering one little honest phrase. “Jesus, I need you.” He is there in an instant to cleanse your well. of all who diligently seek Him shall find Him. We are not only the Children of God, we are called friend. No greater love than He that would lay his life down for a friend. That friend is you.So come my friend and drink and see that the water is good!

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