His Righteous Right Hand

“Fear not
For I Am with you
Be not dismayed
For I Am your God
I will strengthen you
Yes, I will help you
I will uphold you
With My Righteous Right Hand”

I remember it well.
All the family was sitting on the deck at Aunties.
We were all small. The adults big and tall.
The deck overlooked the pool.
All enjoying the fun and fanfare of a hot summer cookout.
In a flash …
My little sister, Joy, who was knee high to a grasshopper
Had fallen into the pool.
Among the banter and the fun
My Father …
In a split second …
My Father …
We all heard a splash.
My Father had jumped into the pool and grabbed Joy
With a single right hand. He lifted her like a feather safely
Up and out of the shock, chilly water.
You see My Father didn’t miss a thing.

Neither does Your Heavenly Father my friend.
Have a beautiful day safely tucked in the palm
Of His righteous right hand.

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