Fresh, Tasty Coffee

Sittin here having my coffee at the coffee shop … mmm … tastes nice and fresh and I overheard the coffee Attendant mention that they change the coffee every half hour so that it stays nice and fresh. I bet everyone has tasted a cup of joe that sat too long on the burner! Did you ever notice that it seems to be same way if you sit and think about yourself too much? At least that’s what happens in my coffee cup. It can get a little stale.
For me life is much tastier and fresh when things are moving.
Lord thank you for teaching me to let anything go that isn’t moving my mind to the true, the honest, the just the pure and lovely and of good report. Your holy word says that if there be any virtue or any praise … Think on these things.
If you consciously keep moving your thoughts to the Lord and His ways the possibilities are endless for refreshment and will flow in anew, wave after wave.
To be in tune with God in our lives instead of the mundane ways of our own limited thinking. Let us turn our eyes and thoughts to the Lord always. He is perfect and good and His word is to be sought after as gold. God gives us rivers of fresh living waters every day. Seek that which He has for you today and that cup of coffee will be the tastiest and freshest coffee you have ever tasted.
Oct 20,2013

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