Flying Colors

“Behold, I Am the The Lord your God. Is anything too hard for me”

Ah there is such a Victory in Trusting in Jesus and not in our own strength. Knowing that we can rest our minds letting Him take control. Take a look at the birds. They are flying around without fear. In Just Listening to them sing and watching them fly courageously; we sense Gods hand in all of His nature.
He takes care of the sparrows and He’ll take care of you. God says “I take care of the least of these … How much more more valuable are you than they.
Surely, We’ll go through storms, but with Jesus; we can remain in peace, and we will eventually come through any trial with flying colors!
God will always come through for you!
Continue to keep on trusting and obeying until the coming day; when we will behold Him.
In the light of His Glory. k

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