Do All for Jesus

Everyone goes through tough situations
on the path of life; whether at home or on the job.
In these situations we learn to call upon God to help
us to stand firm in what we know. What is it that we know?
We know that our worth is in Christ; and it is not to rest
upon the mere opinions of others. To Christ our worth is
immeasurable stable and unmovable.
I remember my beloved Mother, who was full of God’s wisdom
used these words to enlighten us

“When you go to work,
Go to work for Jesus!”

Share His love and
You won’t go wrong.
Have a great day friend

Social victory – Servant of Christ
Assured position – Servant of Christ
Peace-Wellbeing)- Servant of Christ
Happiness – Servant of Christ
Inspiration – Servant of Christ
Rest- Servant of Christ
Eminence – Servant of Christ

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