He is Carrying You

The best thing to do when the waters get rough, is to keep paddlin on in your life; come what may, with your faith in God; keeping your eyes on God.
The Lord and His promise … is His blessing to you,
In time you will see the fullness of a heavenly outcome far beyond
Your dreams. Through His dying on the cross He will accomplish
A great and mighty triumph through you. He is carrying you now …
as Real as rain, in sunshine and in shadow.
Live for Him. That’s what matters;
And your house will remain strong.
When Jesus is your all, nothing can come against you.
Be obedient to what God says in His word.
Now that is your victory as sure as the coming day.
You are so loved. Trust God today … The rainbow after the rain is here.
For God loves you and You love Him! k

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