Being Built Up

Mornin friend.

“And be renewed
In the spirit of your mind”
Ephesians 4:23

With so many changes coming upon us these times, the worlds state of affairs, economic uncertainties and what not; our current situations are difficult and seemingly an uphill battle sometimes.
One thing we can and must be sure of. God loves us, He will protect and take care of us, He will never leave us, and He never changes. We must keep our focus on Him. Our future is forever, bright in the sight of our Glorious maker and King, Jesus Christ.

Pneuma in this sense of the word spirit in our verse, refers to our mental disposition. Our attitude. The vitality of Jesus’ power is right there in us. We must unceasingly turn our thoughts and prayers to Him in trust, no matter what is going on around us.
It is good to count it all joy during these precarious situations; even when these rough times are occurring. As we, through our Spirit, call unto God, we, become even closer to Him, deepening our dependence upon Him. It is then, that our Faith is being built up. Through the many hardships that we endure in life; we in turn build our trust in Almighty God; the very strength of our lives.

Have a super victorious day friend
You are loved through and through
And forever k

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