Peaceful Prism

Windows glisten, as they frost
Looking out at sparkling hues
Red and yellow, sun comes through
Fellow shades and warmer views
Geometric prisms serve
In patterns turn kaleidoscopes
Eyes are rolling in an arc
Painting pretty isotopes
Beyond the specs of yesteryear
Tears that glow yet move on by
God, who stores them in the sky
Comforts with a lullaby
Soft and sweet, the tender beams
Filling longing souls with glee
Melting frozen hearts with ease
Holy Spirit heals and frees
He who sprung the whole world wide
Holds us in His hand so tight
Wraps us in His bosom light
Bids us come without a fight
The eye doth rise ‘bove each new plight
All in His strength and in His sight
His victory grins from ear to ear
His song with muffs to warm and right
Kelly S Griswold

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