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Jesus Lord
The great I am
Alpha and Omega
Sacrificial Lamb
Living God
Living God
You’re living in
My heaped up Heart
Creator of
The universe
Of all things seen
And all unseen
Living God
Living God
You’re living in
My heaped up Heart
Jesus Lord
Lord of all
The sovereign King
Of righteousness
Living God
Living God
You’re living in
My heaped up Heart
Beside You Lord …
There is no one
Glory to the Holy One
My Elohim …
Living God
Living God
You’re living in
My heaped up Heart
By Kelly Sampson Griswold
morning song
(Our Living God)

Great Northern

Great Northern fronts
Can be quite blunt
Winds go back and forth
With a kick, pass punt

Shock waves that move
The chiming windmill
Which cannot behave
Then become still

With tears on my face
I tend to the mill
But I have fulfillment
In this long winters’ chill

Trusting in God
The key to my strength
Endurance, resilience
To go the length

Soft winter cloths
Caress nightly with salve
For this cracked deepened smile
At the frozen improv

Crisp sunny days
Leading love to the verse
Settling yesterdays’ bout
With the cold winters burst

By Kelly S Griswold

Peaceful Prism

Windows glisten, as they frost
Looking out at sparkling hues
Red and yellow, sun comes through
Fellow shades and warmer views
Geometric prisms serve
In patterns turn kaleidoscopes
Eyes are rolling in an arc
Painting pretty isotopes
Beyond the specs of yesteryear
Tears that glow yet move on by
God, who stores them in the sky
Comforts with a lullaby
Soft and sweet, the tender beams
Filling longing souls with glee
Melting frozen hearts with ease
Holy Spirit heals and frees
He who sprung the whole world wide
Holds us in His hand so tight
Wraps us in His bosom light
Bids us come without a fight
The eye doth rise ‘bove each new plight
All in His strength and in His sight
His victory grins from ear to ear
His song with muffs to warm and right
Kelly S Griswold

Diamond Mining

Once my heart was overwrought
With stress and sought relief
The vise grip of the carbon fields
Gave utterance to my grief
I had to face the truth of truths
If only to myself
So I sat awhile in the silence of
The pain, upon the shelf
For a time, the diamond tributary
Was pressured and held down
But God, His loving lapidary
Designed a precious crown
In perfect timing He beheld
By furnace warm and stoked
Shaped and crafted, then upwelled
Elegance, uncloaked
Seasoned in the facets of
A stronger diamond mold
Now visible to naked eye
For God reveals His own
Kelly S Griswold

Mountain Top


Time, it cannot melt the truth
Or wax itself unkind
I felt the rain, but don’t regret
The love it left behind

The long long road
Built up with strength
Where God’s sweet Glory
Sows in length

With needles hidden, binds all wounds
Stops the bleeding, heals the pain
Where all one’s pride has finally died
Stupefying fights… all fixed

Where pity pays no mind to mix
And knows the lie of tooth for tooth
Loves labor meets with mercies truth
One of loves greatest lessons …
To be learned

By Kelly S Griswold

A Prayer for the New Year

Wishing all my family and friends a Happy New year.
My prayer is that you will know how really beautiful you are; because God made you and fashioned you in His own Image.
You are precious in His sight. Your gifts, each one, equally as valuable, yet as different as all the many colors of the rainbow.
May His love shine on you, in you and through you, like a prism shining bright
When tough times come, and they do; we pray for each other in the Lords strength and protection. In your hope and waiting, fret not and trust in Him. Never give up and hang on. He’ll make a way; His time. Payday is coming. You have the victory!
We know that God will see us through all the seasons of our lives. After all that He has brought us though; we have become much wiser and stronger. After being seasoned in His wisdom and instruction; we are even more beautiful.
Jesus is the reason, for our bright future.
We can have complete confidence because we have Him and we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Great and wonderful things, are in store for those who follow the Lord.
“For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord.
Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.
But to give you a future and a hope.”
Jeremiah 11-9
“Have not I Commanded Thee
Be strong and of good courage;
Be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed;
For the Lord Thy God is with thee
Wither so ever thou goest”
Joshua 1-9
All the Love, Joy, peace and Happiness that Jesus brings; be with you friend in the coming year and always
You are so loved by our great and mighty God. His name is Jesus Christ