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His Word, My Lifeline

“But his delight is in the law of The Lord;
And in His law doth he meditate both day and night”
And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water,
That bringeth forth His fruit in His season
Psalm 1-2,3
As Another day is done and coming to a close, and; I’m slowing down … Thanking God, for this heavenly weather. Just love the night breezes that grace my brow. A little meditation on Gods word tonight. I always enjoy life more when I spend quiet time in His word from the wee hours of the Mornin, noon or at twighlight time.
When I ponder His word I feel His fruit growing in me. Love Joy peace patience gentleness kindness longsuffering goodness meekness faith and temperance. They permeate my heart and caring for those around me wells up in my soul.

Dear Lord help me to know you more and more through your Holy
Spirit each day. To become more and more like you.
As you hit the pillow tonight
May you feel His touch tonight and
May you sleep in the arms of His unconditional love

I Need You, Lord

Lord Jesus, I thank You
For loving me
For continuing to refine me
You are the Author and the Finisher of my faith
I know that I don’t have all the answers
Much of the time
But You do
All true answers come from You
From Your perfect love
I seek your will
And not my own.
Although it is painful at times, in the learning
I know I’ll make it through
Deep in my heart
There is a rejoicing in my spirit
As I come forth as gold
All because of You

Turning Seasons

The seasons revolution
Earths axis tipping Up
Gods’ Sun rays lower trajectory
Shadows block the sun

Twinkling at supersonic speed
Filtering the lens
My eyes of blue, a babbling brook
Clear glass said the wren

Do be very cautious now
Said the bird upon the steed
Keep your eyes straight on the path
The long steep meadow treed

Have a great day friend
Keep warm! k

Hanging Grapes

Misty morning beautiful
Unobtrusive soft and pale
Out the window
Hanging grapes
Jelly for the gray catbird
A coat rack draped
In Comforts veil
Learns to turn with each new song
Wrapped quite tight with branches strong
In sync the filter of His light
To His greatness
Shining bright

Kelly Sampson Griswold

Everlasting Love

“Though you have not seen Him, you love Him;
And even though, you do not see Him now, you believe
In Him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy;
For you are receiving the end result of your faith; the salvation of your souls.
1 Peter 1- 8-9

Trusting God, even in the hardest times.

Marvelous thoughts this morning in His grace
Remembering back many years ago. I was just learning that Jesus loved me.
Not much older than a wee child myself; I started to strum the guitar and sing a song; and it went something like this:
Rest your mind
You have new peace within
Leave your tension behind
Let the new day begin

I knew that I wanted a stable everlasting kind of peace and love that never went away.
It came. His Name was Jesus. You see, I learned that the love He gives is not just a happiness that can wax or wane away, leaving you lonely again.
Horrible hurts, past pains, expectations, you name it, He took them; and He set my heart free.

With Jesus, unconditional, everlasting love, I live in Him and follow Him in His ways. I trust in Him.
He sent His Holy Spirit to me; sealed right in my heart. He Helps me everyday to live in His power. I’m happy because He lives in my heart.
Things still aren’t easy all the time, but the joy is the fact that all will come out right in the end because of Him. I have Him right beside me, forever. He will never leave me, because I trust in Him. He is my maker, and my constant; my eternal comfort who endured the cross, cleansed my sin and healed my past shame, and set me on the path of victory. With Him Victory is mine forever.

His grace is free for all of us. When we give our life to Him, there is perfect joy and perfect peace. No matter what you’ve been through, He is there to wipe away your every tear and give you new life and peace within. This is what you’ll know, even amidst hardest of the times and sadness; even when you can’t even comprehend the why. No matter what you’ve been through; He loves you and He wants you to trust Him. He will do great and mighty things in you. You will always come out the better for it.

God is making His plans for you and they are perfect and good!
What lies ahead for you is more glorious, than you could ever imagine. Hang on. He’s got you.

Have a super day friend you are so loved k
Kelly S Griswold
Morning prayer

Lords Love

“The Lord is my Shepherd
I shall not want”
Psalm 23-1

“Even strong lions go hungry
But those who trust in The Lord
Shall lack no good thing”
Psalm 34-10

Wishing you great new week friend
Chockfull of blessings
The Lords love hold you
And enfold you

Jesus, The Way Everlasting

Jesus The way Everlasting

When God is your Authority
Respect for others falls in line
With Harmony and happy people
Places, progress, things divine
When “I” is your Authority
Chaos clings and clouds the way
Stresses, holdouts, hungry days
Let Go let God lead you today

The Old Train

“In all your ways acknowledge Him.
And He shall direct your path.”
Proverbs 3:6

The mighty train is slowing down
He knows he’s at the bend
He thinks before he turns each way
Wise men evaluate
He waits to feel the track ahead
Round tables at the turns
Patience sees the light ahead
God’s path understood
Kg. 14

Pink Carnations

I weave Carnations in my hat
A year or two they take me back
When golden olden days were new
They seem like nothing, at first glance
Humble, stiff, devoid of dance
Smell them twice
Voila, it’s spice
Austere and folksy, Vanilla brew
Unlike a rose, though sweet are you
When petals fall, so lightly strewn
Yet fade within one midnight star
Those pink Carnations loved me more
They chose to stay intact and sure
A tad bit longer lived in lore
When I was young and so demure
I think I like them much, much more


Night Song

I love the night
The gentle calming of the breeze
The rocking of the porch swing
The shelter of the trees
The blessing of the darkness
When another day is gone
All is thanks and praise to Him
The Lover of our song

Wishing you a restful sleep tonight
I pray for you
For a restorative rest
A healing touch from Jesus
To the innermost part of your being
A santuary sweet
The comfort of sitting at His feet
He never sleeps
He is watching over you
As you sleep
Night friend

“If you lie down, you will not be afraid
When you lie down, your sleep will be sweet”
Proverbs 3:24