Jesus Softer Than The Falling Rain

“Jesus love” “Softer than the falling rain”
The healing rains

Precious there, a broken heart
Ne’r a weakness to impart
Tis strength disguised, in humble gates
Artful waves of streaming tears
With healing wisdom, as it waits
Learns to lose, because of love
Softer than the falling rain
True love gains and lives again
Where new dreams doth emerge and call
Fills the hollows up with grace
The island stands not merely lone
When water all around it’s shores
Keeps it buffered for a time
Until the island meets it’s form
Where substance of our faith is born

by Kelly Sampson Griswold

Glory Hallelujah

Every cord that tried to bind you
Will fall away behind you
Every pain remind you
That a crown of jewels awaits …

You will ne’r be bitter
You’ll be sweeter for the finding
You thought you’d die, but then realized
How strong it grew your faith

To the One who’s worthy
We’ll lay them at His feet
Singing Glory Hallelujah
At the trump sound when we meet

To the One who’s worthy
We’ll lay them at His feet
Singing Glory Hallelujah
At the trump sound when we meet

Words and music
Kelly S Griswold

Have a super God blessed day friends
You are so loved

Perception of The We

Perceptions of the we
Emotions tuned to Thee
Filtered through His Spirit
The cistern filled, a honey tree

Harmonious in living
On selfless buzzing wing
Alone, and yet together
in unison, we sing

True respect for others
Together hears the prong
All the parts are tuned together
In our chorale Springtime song

With the fragrance of the flowers
The air is filled with love
The wonder of the nectar
From our faith that’s from above

Kelly S Griswold

Humble dove

Begin the music
Strike the Timbral
Play the melodious harp
Hold your hands high
March humbly on,
In Heavenly Harmon love
His Holy word, proclaims the truth
Sharper than any two edged sword
Move with grace
Move with style
Harmless as a dove

Kelly Sampson Griswold


When you fret
You rob yourself
Making friends with stress
Putting peace on the shelf

Let the thief
Steal no more
Bring your thoughts back home
Trust God and be secure

God has all things
In control
He never changes
He loves us all

Holdfast to His word
You will be strong
Hope without wavering
All the day long

Why do we have this hope deep within
Because of the cross at Calvary
Joy can’t be robbed
When you live in His grace
With His victory, faith and dignity

Your joy can’t be robbed
When you live in His grace
With his victory, faith and dignity

By Kelly Sampson Griswold

Who Remembers

Who remembers?

Pretty as a pic

I remember that night
When I was six
Curlers tightly set
My head hurt a bit

Sleepy and tired
I awoke with a fright
I cried “Mom my curlers
Are pinching me tonight ”

With a hop skip and a jump
She came to my aid
“We must suffer to be beautiful”
Her soothing voice said

She put some ponds cold cream
Into the palms of my hands
We rubbed our hands together
To help me forget

Never mind the mere pinches
That danced on my head
I thought about tomorrow
I’d be beautiful by then

Kelly S Griswold

Our Brook

He is Faithful
He is kind

Our brook beside the mossy hill
Calms my soul
Calms my soul
I see the bubbles bobbing still
Up and down
Up and down

A forever flowing faithful bide
You’ll never hear it say goodbye
Moving with each branch and pine
Rushing in with each springtide

I hear the steady water mill
O’er the rocks
O’er the rocks
Right ‘long side me when I’m ‘lone
Bending down
Bending round

Barely running on today
Showing me it’s time to rest
I’ve endured a long day’s quest
I’ll slumber deep with God’s caress

Trusting when the river winds
For even in it’s downward phase
It is kind
It is kind
It is kind
For He is kind

Words and music
Kelly S Griswold

Tea Time

There’s a beauty that steeps on the inside
With teacups tipped and sipped
Table talks held til the break of dawn
As long as one teabag is dipped

And the water that boils; is endless
One cup tints another, for you
Whistling tunes that reach to the moon
At nights end; we’re drinking purely dew …

Olden autumn memories
Kelly Sampson Griswold

Mirrored Love

“By day The Lord directs His love
At night His song is with me
A Prayer to the God of my life”
Psalm 42-8 Holy Bible

Mirrored Love

Each day I look to Gods sweet face
My heart to Him I vow
My life to Him for each new day
I leave to Him the how

I’m safe, I trust in His command
My sufferings understood
Reaching out to Jesus hand
Past hardships for my good

By night I rest … on soft sweet cloud
Upon His loving word
In His blood that cleansed my stains
Let it rain …
Let it rain …

Prayers go up and time goes by
Storms roar sure enough
My faith and wisdom to increase
Through His mirrored love

Years it took, to assuage
The fears that held me down
There’s healing rain within my heart
All to Jesus now

Words and music
A Hymn By Kelly S Griswold

Releasing The Sting

I walked in your circle to find you
Pined away the hours and gasped
I struggled as a mine eyed canary
Held a deep breath, layed low, by an asp

No one could see I was crying
Still quiet was I, unbeknownst
To the one I thought n’er would blindside me
As I struggled and felt all alone

Yet the pressure drew me closer toward heaven
God’s word, my oxygen tent
I Let go and let Jesus protect me
From the enemies sting that was sent

The sting of the vipers sore venom
Was dead in it’s own rebuke
In the still, open door, was a breath of fresh air
A place of warm, graceful repute

Looking for you in the circle
The choice yours, yours alone
Releasing the sting in the moment
I let God Himself reign on the throne

The Spirit of life, love, forgiveness,
Breathes new life, the stings antidote
Hallelujah, it’s God’s Holy Spirit
Who helps and us and teaches His own

Releasing the sting
Kelly S Griswold