Great Northern

Great Northern fronts
Can be quite blunt
Winds go back and forth
With a kick, pass punt

Shock waves that move
The chiming windmill
Which cannot behave
Then become still

With tears on my face
I tend to the mill
But I have fulfillment
In this long winters’ chill

Trusting in God
The key to my strength
Endurance, resilience
To go the length

Soft winter cloths
Caress nightly with salve
For this cracked deepened smile
At the frozen improv

Crisp sunny days
Leading love to the verse
Settling yesterdays’ bout
With the cold winters burst

By Kelly S Griswold

Peaceful Prism

Windows glisten, as they frost
Looking out at sparkling hues
Red and yellow, sun comes through
Fellow shades and warmer views
Geometric prisms serve
In patterns turn kaleidoscopes
Eyes are rolling in an arc
Painting pretty isotopes
Beyond the specs of yesteryear
Tears that glow yet move on by
God, who stores them in the sky
Comforts with a lullaby
Soft and sweet, the tender beams
Filling longing souls with glee
Melting frozen hearts with ease
Holy Spirit heals and frees
He who sprung the whole world wide
Holds us in His hand so tight
Wraps us in His bosom light
Bids us come without a fight
The eye doth rise ‘bove each new plight
All in His strength and in His sight
His victory grins from ear to ear
His song with muffs to warm and right
Kelly S Griswold

Diamond Mining

Once my heart was overwrought
With stress and sought relief
The vise grip of the carbon fields
Gave utterance to my grief
I had to face the truth of truths
If only to myself
So I sat awhile in the silence of
The pain, upon the shelf
For a time, the diamond tributary
Was pressured and held down
But God, His loving lapidary
Designed a precious crown
In perfect timing He beheld
By furnace warm and stoked
Shaped and crafted, then upwelled
Elegance, uncloaked
Seasoned in the facets of
A stronger diamond mold
Now visible to naked eye
For God reveals His own
Kelly S Griswold


Time, it cannot melt the truth
Or wax itself unkind
I felt the rain, but don’t regret
The love it left behind

The long long road
Built up with strength
Where God’s sweet Glory
Sows in length

With needles hidden, binds all wounds
Stops the bleeding, heals the pain
Where all one’s pride has finally died
Stupefying fights… all fixed

Where pity pays no mind to mix
And knows the lie of tooth for tooth
Loves labor meets with mercies truth
One of loves greatest lessons …
To be learned

By Kelly S Griswold

Echoes of God’s Love

In God’s window of my dreams
There is sunshine in the store
All the little dolphins dancing
Shining through the door
Old familiar whistle calls
Heard from distant shores
Echoes beat from loyal chums
With kettle drums galore
Love resounding in our hearts
God’s glory in the gates
I am surely satisfied
As I live and wait
Kelly s Griswold

Safe Night

Whoever is reading this
I hope you know
How much you are loved
Sounds are softly hushing down
Stars so brightly light my bed
Hanging with the moon so full
Safely draped above my head
All held together by God’s hand
As woven blues of warmest wool
Lay softly down and tuck me in
The time has come, to slow the pace
I pray in silence to my Lord
Thankful for His love and grace
His mind In mine my resting place
Kelly Sampson Griswold

Snow Light

Not a branch without frosting
On a Tree chiffon white
The whole world’s redemption
Came into the light
In a wonderland rich
With deep brumal snow
Covered and protected
Tucked into the fold
Standing strong and so tall
Feeling each floating flake
Of pure satisfaction
Each soul doth awake
Hearing God’s gentle voice
So simple and plain
Like the first glistening snow
Upon loves’ winter glades
As a babe in the manger
The Savior is born
A gift to the world
In the humblest form
Kelly Sampson Griswold
Have wonderful day friend
Through Jesus you are white as snow
For Jesus is the perfect (white as snow) lamb
Who took away the sins of the world


I long for you my Lord
As I walk into Your vestibule
My strength fully restored
Your grace is my refuge

In Your sweet sanctuary
I am sheltered from the storm
Your word, my sword, my shield
Your grace is my refuge

Your arms so tight around me
So soft and oh so warm
I am always safe…I’m with You
Your grace is my refuge

In Your Holy presence
I praise Your Holy name
My precious Lord and Saviour
Your grace is my refuge

Kelly Sampson Griswold

We always have to remind ourselves that Jesus is always beside us, behind and inside us. We need to let Him comfort us.

Continuously communicate with Him and tell Him how you feel. Trust in His perfect and everlasting love for you. Pray unceasingly. Let His Holy Spirit fill you. Feel the healing power of Jesus. Even on the coldest of days our hearts are kindled by the fire of His love for us. Ooh… It’s getting warm in here!
You are so loved!

Kelly Sampson Griswold

Rest well my friend

Flickering Sun

The seasons revolution
Earth’s axis tilting up
Trajectory is lower
More shadows from the sun

Flickers supersonic speed
Strikes the blinking lense
Blue eyes are a tearing
Fluttering with the wren

Wintertime needs not confine
More time alone with God
Frosted windows etching stars
Wood trips now to trod

Do be very cautious now
The bird said, on the steed
Eyes ahead upon on the path
The snowy meadow treed

Kelly Sampson Griswold

Have a great night friend
Keep warm! k

Strong Song

God love always keeps us strong

The sweetest sounds
Are handed down
The hardest love
Takes time to shine
Deep and mellowed through the years
They will surely calm the biggest fears

New green leaves grow on and on
Drawing trees up to the sun
As God sends love from up above
His faithful song to soothe the soul
Fill the hollows
One by one

By Kelly Sampson Griswold