Not Just for this Thanksgiving Day

Not just on this Thanksgiving day
But for all of our days on earth
We owe all that we have to You
Every breath we take
On the cross You hung for us
For every sin and woe
You suffered and you died for all
For such a love, You rose
We prosper in the plans You’ve made
For family, friends and health
But most of all, the trust we have
Is In You above all else
We ask about a promise true
A better place than here
When our lot in troubled times
Is oft times hard to bear
Lord You are our healing place
You bear our every load
Our eyes are fixed upon You Lord
We’ll Your streets of gold
Not just for this Thanksgiving day
But for all our days on earth
We thank you Lord for Your sweet love and grace
The promise indwelt from birth
By Kelly S Griswold
Happy Thanksgiving
May your day be healthy and joyous!

I Love My Family

Went down to the brook the other day…and just listened to the simple bubbling sound of the water. “Lord” I thought, as I focused, on the water…
“The time has moved as swiftly as this flowing brook.
My Children are all grown up; and I’m so proud of them. Thank You Lord; Your love is as endless as the water brook.
Thank You for your mighty protection; through all of our growing pains as a family and through all of our hardships. You are right there with us. Thank you for helping us to be a God centered, strong family, full of love and solidarity. Not only do we make it through everything because of you; we owe everything to You!
I pray for Your continued hedge of protection that keeps my family safe from harm; and for helping them to jump the hurdles with Your strength, to reach their dreams and goals; knowing that success and victorious living come from a secure relationship with You. Help us to always put You first and foremost in our lives. Relationships grow and prosper when You are at the center.
So glad to be closer to You every day. Knowing that You and Your precious everlasting love for us will never leave us. Let us be a testimony to Your great love Lord Jesus.
Thank you for holding all of my loved ones in the palm of your hand …It’s a hard world out there.” But you are our Savior, healer and friend.
Have a super day friend
Kelly S Griswold


I long for you my Lord
As I walk into Your vestibule
My strength fully restored
Your grace is my refuge

In Your sweet sanctuary
I am sheltered from the storm
Your word, my sword, my shield
Your grace is my refuge

Your arms so tight around me
So soft and oh so warm
I am always safe…I’m with You
Your grace is my refuge

In Your Holy presence
I praise Your Holy name
My precious Lord and Saviour
Your grace is my refuge

Kelly Sampson Griswold

We always have to remind ourselves that Jesus is always beside us, behind and inside us. We need to let Him comfort us.

Continuously communicate with Him and tell Him how you feel. Trust in His perfect and everlasting love for you. Pray unceasingly. Let His Holy Spirit fill you. Feel the healing power of Jesus. Even on the coldest of days our hearts are kindled by the fire of His love for us. Ooh… It’s getting warm in here!
You are so loved!

Kelly Sampson Griswold

Rest well my friend

Flickering Sun

The seasons revolution
Earth’s axis tilting up
Trajectory is lower
More shadows from the sun

Flickers supersonic speed
Strikes the blinking lense
Blue eyes are a tearing
Fluttering with the wren

Wintertime needs not confine
More time alone with God
Frosted windows etching stars
Wood trips now to trod

Do be very cautious now
The bird said, on the steed
Eyes ahead upon on the path
The snowy meadow treed

Kelly Sampson Griswold

Have a great night friend
Keep warm! k

Everlasting Love, My Loving Savior Christ

“Though you have not seen Him, you love Him;
And even though, you do not see Him now, you believe
In Him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy;
For you are receiving the end result of your faith; the salvation of your souls.
1 Peter 1- 8-9

Trusting God, even in the hardest times.

Marvelous thoughts this morning in His grace
Remembering back many years ago. I was just a young teenager learning that Jesus loved me. I was living and loving people and working hard.
I started to strum the guitar and sing a song; and it went something like this:

“Rest your mind
You have new peace within
Leave your tension behind
Let the new day begin”

My heart had a desire for an everlasting kind of peace and love that would be forever. I was looking for a friend who would love me, who would wrap their perfect loving arms around me and give me peace in this very hard world we live in. I found that friend and His name is Jesus Christ” His love was displayed at the cross of calvary. He put His perfect life on the cross and bore all mankind’s sins; past, present and future; including mine. Our sin is what burst His heart and He died carrying our sins for us. That is unconditional love that I could not earn, He paid the price so that we could know Him. His love gives me a new life, a peace knowing He is there for me. All He asked of me was to confess my sins and give my all to Him. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life” John 3:16. I gave Him all my past pains, expectations, you name it, He took them; and replaced them with His unconditional everlasting love . Jesus set my heart free; forever from the bondage of sin and death through the cross.

I live in Him and follow Him in His ways. I trust in Him.
He sent His Holy Spirit to me; sealed Him right in my heart. He helps me every day to live in His power. I’m happy because He lives in my heart.
Things still aren’t easy all the time, but the joy is the fact that all will come out right in the end because I live in His power. I know that I will see Him face to face once my journey on this life is over.

I have Him inside my heart; and He is right beside me, forever. He will never leave me, because He made that promise and I trust in Him. He is my maker, and my constant; my eternal comfort now and forever. He has cleansed my sin and healed me of past shame, and set me on the path of victory. Because of Christ, victory and peace and happiness is mine forever.

His grace is a free gift for all of us. When we give our life to Him, there is perfect joy and perfect peace. No matter what you’ve been through, He is there to wipe away your every tear and give you new life and peace within. This is what you’ll know, even amidst the hardest of times and sadness; even when you can’t comprehend the why. Holy Spirit will comfort your heart, overshadow and take away all that pain. Jesus loves you and He wants you to trust Him. He will do great and mighty things inside of you.

“He will keep you in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusts in Thee” Isaiah 26:3

God is making His plans for you and they are perfect and good!
What lies ahead for you is more glorious, than you could ever imagine. Hang on. He’s got you.

Have a super day friend you are so loved k
Kelly S Griswold
Morning prayer

Strong Song

God love always keeps us strong

The sweetest sounds
Are handed down
The hardest love
Takes time to shine
Deep and mellowed through the years
They will surely calm the biggest fears

New green leaves grow on and on
Drawing trees up to the sun
As God sends love from up above
His faithful song to soothe the soul
Fill the hollows
One by one

By Kelly Sampson Griswold

The Gift Endowed

Forgiveness, reconciliation
Sounds of telephones that ring
Love connecting ears that listen
The past of which we do not cling

Former things of sad offense
To forbear, God’s mercy’s guide
Linking us in Christ, from whence
New places for us to abide

Prayer and much long suffering
Perfect pain, such is allowed
Given from our precious Lord
Forgiveness is a gift endowed

Kelly S Griswold


Autumn has flown in this year, stoically, like a swan, with streaming elegance and grace.
A kaleidoscope of color meets my eye; floating down from heaven.
Quilted feather beds dot the lumpy rolling landscape.
Jutting out from the wooded path; a moonlit pond.
The entrance of that old familiar stream is coming into view.
The brook always sings with a babbling bubbling song.
The soothing sounds always seem to draw me in, to take another picture.
The leaves sail upon the pond. I might say; they are one of the best of the autumnals.
Weightless in the air, they wind themselves down from the sky, in free flight.
Little helicopters and skydivers, twirling and winding themselves down each to their perfect landings.
Wispy and lightweight; they stack themselves high, into crispy carpets.
I love to feel them rustling under my feet.
I almost feel as if I’ve set their engines ablaze again, each time I kick them up and up.
They’re Mostly yellow this year.
Now I rest upon the bearded hillside, near the old homemade teepee in the woods, that my kids built years ago; and I just sigh in wonder.
My, how tine flys.
I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ;
for He has given me another cool breath to enjoy with Him.
I thank Him for my relationship with Him; His endless love for me; for forgiving me of all my sins; for His precious grace; for the very ground upon which I came from, stand upon and set upon.
I thank Him for making all things new; as old things pass away.
I give thanks and praise to Him for all that He has done. Even His name.
The name above all names. I thank Him for times of rest and healing that comes from Him.
I thank Him for my family that I love. I pray for His protection over them all; against the harshness of this world.
I Thank Him for His perfect everlasting love; and for all of the beauty He bestows upon His people.
His Majesty, Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords, King of Kings and Master of All.
I Thank and praise You oh Lord, Thank You for all the beauty, that You have made.
You’re all we need”

Kelly S Griswold

Heaven Bound

Heaven bound

Hallelujah He is coming
Very soon the trump will sound
Hallelujah He is coming
We’ll meet Jesus in the clouds

Live His love, leave our pride
Egress on, with hearts held high
Overcomer’s side by side
On this journey by and by

When many arrows point our way
His sword and shield, let them fly
One foot standing on this earth
One heart looking toward the sky

We see dimly through the glass
God works all things for our good
We need not know the day or time
God’s perfect love, understood

Hallelujah He is coming
Very soon the trump will sound
Hallelujah, He is coming
We’ll meet Jesus in the clouds
No more crying no more pain
No more death, nor dying
In the twinkling of an eye
Alive with Christ eternally

By Kelly Sampson Griswold

Listen Lovely

‘”All things work together for good
For all who love God
And are called according to His purpose”
Romans 8-28

Never give up friend
God is working it all out
no matter what the trial
He’s got you

“Listen Lonely”

Lord Jesus, keep me humble
My heart is open wide
Help me to listen lovely
To Your voice so deep inside

So soft, calm and stilling
Holy Spirit, I’m listening hard
Your wisdom be indwelled in me
To keep my heart on guard

Seeing things through your eyes
Your light, my compassionate don
All truth and Love, Lord Jesus …
To listen lovely, Thy victory won

By Kelly S Griswold