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In Christ Alone We Trust

Consider this
From the beginning of time
History repeats itself
Without God …The downward spiral is clear
Where someone can sow
With unGodly and unkind ideas
Gods presence receive a slap in the face
People have no respect for authority, with misplaced grace
Courtrooms slay, in the name of selfish rights
Castrating justice, fixing the fights
Power and influence with lies winning acquittals
Innocents falling through cracks as
The madding crowds glare and gawk
Cutting insults as we walk
With salt … rubbed into the wounds
How does one even feel from here
As they assuage guilt and blame
with deaf ears; pounding on unabashedly
This world can be so callous and cavalier
We have lost respect for life and morality
In halls of fame that lead to shame
Until the skylight sees the dawn
He is attuned, to the Humble Song of the wren
Whispering in our hearts
The cross is our friend
Where God has reconciled us to man
The day He covered all our sin
And placed a still small voice within
We see that pipe dreams come to naught
When God breaks through … with perfect plan
Emanuel “God with us”
Who felt our pain from deep to deep
When all was vanity, and fitful sleep
Enter, The Shepherd, the Shepherd of peace
Who carries our egos. . . to quietus
When we realize we are but His sheep
He is the trophy, that we seek
He is strong and we are Weak
He is justice, mercy and love and peace
He is our Constitution, “In Christ alone we trust, and speak”
Kelly Sampson Griswold
Passerine Wren

The Holy Spirit got the rules

We all need skills and tools…The Holy Spirits got the rules…to fearlessly let all pretense go and call out to love. If you love me…love one another with a brotherly love…feel the others pain…as Jesus did as He spread His arms and died for that pain…Carry on…


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