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Releasing the Sting

I looked in your circle to find you
Pined away hours and gasped
I struggled like a mine eyed canary
Held a deep breath, layed low, by an asp
No one could see I was crying
But still quiet was I, unbeknownst
To the one I thought n’er would blindside me
While I struggled and felt all alone
Yet the pressure drew me closer toward heaven
His Sovereign Words oxygen tent
I Let go and let Jesus protect me
From the enemies sting that was sent
The word of the vipers sore venom
Was dead in it’s own rebuke
Still open, the door, and a breath of fresh air
In His circle that waits till the end
Looking for you in the circle
The choice yours, and yours all alone
Releasing the sting in the moment
Forgiveness is still on the throne
Releasing the sting forever
Loves freedom is there on the throne

Thoughts of love
Releasing the sting
Kelly S Griswold