Beyond the Tears

Deep thoughts this morning.
We all get rejected sometimes … I get rejected.
I do my best and let God do the rest.
I’m not perfect; that’s for sure.
But when I miss the mark, I admit my faults.
I’m very sorry, when I hurt someone.
I’ll just keep on loving, and thanking God
for loving me.

I know that I am blessed, just to see another day; and to breathe the God given air.
Everyday is a gift from God. I am blessed, beyond, compare;
even in separation, reproach, or even if cast out.
That’s what the Lords love is all about.
He loved us in the midst of our transgressions;
and He covers us with His gentle hand of love while dying on the cross for us.
I count it all joy for His sake because of the cross.
I know that in time, people who seek the truth, will figure out what’s true and what’s not.
The proof is in the pudding.
Nothing matters more than His love that keeps growing in me.
There is nothing more real; than to see the true love of God,
The Savior Jesus Christ; who bent down on that tree to save both you and me.
We see best, when the Holy Spirit gives us the wisdom of Jesus; His unconditional love … to love and let the pain go.
This kind of love has eyes of compassion; that are not on me, but on the one who made the sacrifice to set us all free. K

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