I Love My family

Went down to the brook today…and just listened to the simple bubbling sound of the water.
“Lord” I thought, as I focused, on the water…
“The time has moved as swiftly as the flowing brook. My Children are all grown up and I’m so proud of them.
Lord, Your love for us is endless I pray for Your Mighty protection. Through all of our growing pains as a
family and through all of our hardships; You are right there with us. Thank you for helping us to be a strong family,
full of love and solidarity. We owe everything to You! I pray for Your continued hedge of protection that keeps
my children safe from harm; and for helping them to reach their dreams and goals; knowing that success and victorious
living come from a relationship with you. I pray for them to know that You are first and foremost in their lives.
Growing closer to you every day. Knowing that You and Your precious love for them will never leave them
Let them be a testimony to Your great love Lord Jesus.
Thank you for holding all of my loved ones in the palm of your hand …It’s a hard world out there.”

Kelly S Griswold

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