Jesus’s Love For Us

The Lord Jesus by your side; One who was persecuted for who He was unto death upon the cross for you. He died for you
because He loved you. He was perfect and without sin. He paid for your sins. He did that so that you would not have to pay the price for the sin that you have committed. I know it’s difficult to admit it; but we all did it. We sinned and and Jesus is our remedy. Sick of feeling tired and blue? When you let him into your heart, the peace that passes all understanding glows right to you. Inside of your deepest fears and pains. Eternal life in the safety of His arms forever is yours from this moment on. He loves. you. If you want this peace and happiness that comes from the Savior, just close your eyes ask Him into Your Heart.

“Jesus I know you are calling me. I feel your love and I’m letting my past and all it’s hurts go to you. Come into my heart.” Oh … Lord save me from my ways and give me your ways. What a marvelous way to start the day; with the Savior to guide us. He’s Loving forever; Living in you and growing the beautiful new peace filled you!
Hey that sure feels great!

Kely S Griswold

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