November Nights

It’s just a hop and a skip and a jump, across the Butternut bridge.
The wood-bird is cooing, a lovers song.
The fire is cracklin, warm … come inside
You know my love, that it has been too long

The wind across the meadow, is open wide…
The bridge is calling you, to come on home.
I hear the copper teapot, gently whistling.
Come on in … before it gets too cold.

The lonesome night air gives and gives, forever.
The texture of sweet smoke, is in my eye.
The taste of yesteryear, brings out the spices,
of perfectly pleasing, plum pies, piled high

The screen door slapping time, with loosened wing nuts.
Just a hop, skip, and a jump, with porch light near.
Missing notes of jingling swings, I wait … to … hear.
Sounds that we once knew, my friend so dear.

Missing notes of jingling swings, I wait … to … hear
Sounds of you … are whistling in my ear.

Words and Music By
Kelly S Griswold

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