Palmers Corner

Palmer’s Corner

Quick decisions are wise ones sometimes. No time to think;
I quickly moved on back to the open fields, grassy area.
Just as quickly, the dawns weather crowned, fog and mist lifted. The sun broke through the clouds, rolled away. The sunsrays so soft and warm, moved and dried my tears.
The clouds relinquished their insulation and dissipated for the sun was breaking through.
I sat down gently and quietly in the tall grass as I always do.
I was not alone a-fielding. I knew that I was
not alone in my thoughts and song.
and when I rested in that quiet …
Jesus in His perfect love was right there with me
Giving me comfort In the warmth of the sun.
As I looked up, I felt a presence bare itself.
It was a deer who had thoughts of mine the same. He must have been there in his resting place all night. There I sat resting;
sharing the peaceful fields’ bedding, yet unaware.
Only a golden, beaded, wheat curtain between us.
He would teach me of the freedom
of the wild blue yonder.
For a split second, locking eyes, we stared eye to eye.
Then, up and away with a flash of lightning,
thunderous crash; and a golden rustle he was off!
Swiftly he ran, sure footed, with head held high.
I quickly jumped up, for it was time to move on.
I was yearning for the playfulness of the young coyote again
And like the deer,
I learned how to live in confidence,
With my head held high.
“Don’t think”
“Just run”
“Don’t think”
“Just fly”

Kelly S Griswold

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