At Peace with God

Psalms 83:18
” That they may know that thou alone whose name is The Lord art the most high over all the earth.”
Do you know that God, the most high has sovereignty over all kingdoms and gives it to whom He will? People, don’t forget that God is in Control of everything. Let God be the sovereign God that He is. Let God give you what you need. Let go and let God provide. Mans earthly desires will consume him unless he puts his will in Gods will. These desires we strive for, such as Glory and power, only cause us to be controlling ourselves, peddling needlessly, on a never ending tread mill heading to nowhere. Paul said ” I am content in Rich or in poor. So Why are we striving so much for wealth and power and have gotten … nowhere. We haven’t progressed, except to gain more strife. All we really need, is to be living each day for God in his sacrifices and love for us; living and breathing each day in gratitude and giving our stresses to Him.
If we are Gods children, we continue to be faithful, in the gifts that He has given to us; with no matter to what has been taken from us. We can help others to see, that humility and kindness, are not signs of weakness. They are signs of the strong who are at peace with God.
Only Jesus satisfies the soul.

Have a great day walking in his sunshine k

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