Thank You Jesus For My Mother

Pressing on strings of Heaven
Love songs fill my soul anew
For I see you on the inside
Of each drop of royal morning dew
As the fresh dawn awakes
Yea my heart it doth so ache …
For I’m missin bits of yesteryear
Hues of pretty greens and blues
As I’m Sipping tea at breakfast
The countryside moves into my view
The resonant stride of jeans appear
Loves Draperies of you
Where we walked the long and winding roads
Before flying home to rest
Up the drive, the joyful jaunts
The vibrant, clear, and vivid view
Of toughness, courage, tenacity
That only Jesus love could bring
‘Twas the strength that you gave to me
In the stories that you told
Of Growing up in simple faith
That hardships really are no load
For tis Jesus that would carry us
Through Anything at all …
‘Twas you my mother Who taught me ere
On Him alone that we must call

Thank you Jesus for my Mother
Who taught me … All
On Him alone that we must call


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