DTM Concord

Up in Concord today workin on the music at Einsteins coffee shop this mornin. Sipping coffee and gazing out at the Skyscaped windows. The early morning sunlight breaking through the sky is such a cathartic experience for me. Splotches of bright azure blue are transcending yesterday’s clouds; and I pray this painting meanders awhile.
Simple Laughter and light banter begin to fill the room. Echoes …of life saunter around; as if a squirrel’s stash of nuts spilled over and just couldn’t be contained.
I begin to smell the familiar yeasty, robust, rising, of crusty breads permeating my senses.
These walls are infused with all that’s “happening” on chalkboards of love and business in the community. Everyone gets a free newspaper in this coffee shop and a kind and caring word. Life is poppin!
Thanking God for the kind words of “Carol” who sets up coffee all around the world. The one who, every morning opens up the coffee shop stage rack of dawn. Out comes the first steamy loaf. She quickly tip toes over and puts a hot fresh slice of Heaven onto my table. A good morning and a tear welling up. Such kindness out here.
Well, hats off to writing; the music of the senses.
God bless you with kindness wherever you roam, friend. Have a great day k

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