Your “Good Enough”

“Therefore there is NO condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh but in the Spirit.” Romans 8:1

Christ on the cross has freed you my child from your past pain. You will be healed by Him; to remember not that dejected feeling of “Not good enough.” Not good enough for what? When you have accepted Christ into your heart and are living for Him and His righteousness in grace, you are more than good enough. You are beautiful in HIS sight. Truly, you are washed as white as snow. You are accepted by Christ Himself; Maker of heaven and earth; of things seen and unseen. Surely, as the new born day, you are his diamond. You are His favorite; and we are all His favorite! If you are in Him, you are “Good enough”
Did you know that He loved You before you even thought of loving Him? Look to Him only and not to anyone or anything for esteem and well being. He loves you. That is what matters. You are safe for eternity in his arms. You are worth much more than you can ever dream.
In His strength you will triumph over rejection of any kind.

Christ himself was rejected and despised by men and became the Chief Cornerstone! By Him, you are called friend.
Let Him love you cleanse and polish you, Bringing you to His victory in your heart. Your victory is here in Him and
You will shine through Him. His diamond!

Have a great day friend k

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