Hot Coffee

The fishing jigs are callin out my name
Flaggin me down
To venture out of my balmy bob house
To slip and slide cross the ice
This fishing scene is in my blood
Good for the old patience
More of a waiting game
I’ve needed the diversion
And today I’m feelin mighty good
I’m a player and this is a standup gig…
Meetin new people and havin a ball
As expert fishermen stare at their Jigs
Until the fish skip the light fandango
Get hooked they do
Down the line
Well nothin yet, but sometimes they catch four or five
And no one’s saying “want some cheese with that whine.”
No one caring bout troubles
They’re all left behind
Me, I’m back on land now, with my vintage sign
“Hot Coffee” and a string along song
More my forte, Hearin the great big fish stories come alive
To see the gleam in a little boys eye
Bringing misty tears, each time
And I hear midland callin “Breaker breaker one nine”
How’s the little coffee bean today?
Flags are flipping
Frozen fishermen are comin!
The only solid tips I’ve felt all day
One cup, two cups … maybe more …

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