Holy Spirit Wind

Holy Spirit Wind
(A song for you)

Feel the soft wind, swing and sway
And gently weave, a song for you
As pine trees howling, fill the air
A still small voice, as one, we pair

Your sheep in fields; we hear Your voice
Look ahead, in green grassed fields
Pay no mind, to darkened woods
Whose dens of evil, rob, destroy

At work in faith, with reverence
To God alone, and nought to chance
His perfect love, doth cast out fear
Though unseen, knows He is there

This wind, it moves, with elegance
Gift of grace, within the dance
With groaning that cannot be spoken
Intercedes for the weak and broken

Living in, His wisdoms wait
Letting go with humble tears
Touch Thou, our brow, with healing care
Holy Spirit peace, is here

Holy Spirit
Mighty wind …
Holy Spirit
Breathe on me …

By Kelly Sampson Griswold

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